International Journal of Knowledge Management, 3 (1), 2007

The Ethics of Knowledge Management
# Pages: pp. 1-9
Authors: Land, F.; Amjad, U.; Nolas, S. M
Affiliations: London School of Economics, UK

Discontinuity in Organizations: Developing a Knowledge-Based Organizational Performance Model for Discontinuous Membership
# Pages: pp. 10-28
Authors: Ibrahim, R.; Nissen, M.
Affiliations: Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia; Naval Postgraduate School, USA

Social Capital and Knowledge Sharing in Knowledge-Based Organizations: An Empirical Study
# Pages: pp. 29-48
Authors: Yue Wah, C.; Menkhoff, T.; Loh, B.; Evers, H. D.
Affiliations: SIM University, Singapore; Singapore Management University, Singapore; University of Cambridge, UK; University of Bonn, Germany

The Social Reality of Business Activity: A Contingent Methodology for Knowledge Elicitation and Mapping
# Pages: pp. 49-65
Authors: Jackson, P.; Webster, R.
Affiliations: Edith Cowan University, Australia; Murdoch University, Australia

An Empirical Assessment of the Performance Impacts of IS Support for Knowledge Transfer
# Pages: pp. 66-85
Authors: Zhang, M. J.
Affiliations: Sacred Heart University, USA

Multi-Organizational Networks: Three Antecedents of Knowledge Transfer
# Pages: pp. 86-99
Authors: Priestley, J. L.; Samaddar, S.
Affiliations: Kennesaw State University, USA; Georgia State University, USA

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