Knowledge and Process Management, 13 (4), 2006

ERP implementation: a knowledge integration challenge for the project team (p 227-238)
Sue Newell, Jimmy Huang, Carole Tansley

The effects of ambiguity on project task structure in new product development (p 239-251)
P. Robert Duimering, Bing Ran, Natalia Derbentseva, Christopher Poile

Knowledge creation and exploitation in collaborative R&D projects: lessons learned on success factors (p 252-263)
Mona Weck

Collaboration between the top knowledge management and intellectual capital researchers (p 264-269)
Ronald Dattero

The roles of scenario use in ontology development (p 270-284)
Jintae Lee

A taxonomy and proposed codification of knowledge and knowledge systems in organizations (p 285-296)
Eliezer Geisler

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