Knowledge Management for Development Journal , 2 (3), 2006 – Special: Bridging knowledge divides

[German title: Knowledge Management for Development Journal , 2 (3), 2006 – Special: Wissensklüfte überbrücken]


On knowledge divides and joined up thinking – Anybody interested?  
Peter J. Bury, Atanu Garai, Baharul Islam, Patrick Ngulube, Julie Ferguson, Sarah Cummings  1-4


One never knows: research policy and knowledge management in Dutch development cooperation.  
Caroline Wiedenhof, Henk Molenaar  5-18

Knowledge management working tool for agricultural extension practice: the case of Ghana  
William Boateng  19-29

Knowledge on yam variety development: insights from farmers’ and researchers’ practices.  
Afio Zannou, Paul Richards, Paul C. Struik  30-39

Online knowledge sharing tools: any use in Africa?  
Margreet Van Doodewaard  40-47

From knowledge transfer to a learning-based approach: perspectives from IDS’ information services.  
Cheryl Brown, Louise Daniel, Catherine Fisher  48-59

Multi-stakeholder deliberation on dialectical divides: an operational principle of the systems of innovation  
Laxmi Prasad Pant, Helen Hambly Odame  60-74

Access to scholarly literature via a free knowledge management enabler: an opportunity for scientists in developing countries  
Enrique Canessa, Carlo Fonda, Marco Zennaro, Katepalli R. Sreenivasan  75-85


Civil Society, research-based knowledge, and policy  
Julius Court, Enrique Mendizabal, David Osborne, John Young, Harry Jones  86-96

Using participatory GIS to bridge knowledge divides among the Onge of Little Andaman Island, India.  
Anindita Bhattacharyya  97-110

Managing local and external knowledge in a development research project in Uzbekistan  
Caleb Wall  111-122

Feeding livestock through partnerships  
Nicolene de Haan, Dannie Romney, Peter Bezkorowajnyj, Olusoji Olufajo  123-135


Malaria Competence Network collaborates to roll back malaria.  
Ibrahim Kamara, Komlan Toulassi Blaise Sedoh  136-140


Leadership and knowledge into the hands of those who care  
Lou Petronella Compernolle  141-145

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