KM News & Resources links for 2007-01-26

  • …the community of practice on communities of practice. CPsquare is like a town square, a place where people gather to connect and learn together. Where many of us are joining in this enterprise from a variety of organizations in the private and public s

    (tags: Communities Weblogs)

  • The Purpose of the SoL Sustainability Consortium is to build the capacity in organizations and society to achieve economic, ecological and social sustainability so that all life can thrive for all time. We do this by actively practicing the five disciplin

    (tags: Societies/Assoc.)

  • SoL, the Society for Organizational Learning, is an intentional learning community composed of organizations, individuals, and local SoL communities around the world. A not-for-profit, member-governed corporation, SoL is devoted to the interdependent deve

    (tags: Societies/Assoc.)

  • The KM Institute provides KM Training and Solutions, staffed part-time or on a volunteer basis by a global network of over 30 KM professionals, trainers, and content providers – all respected experts in their fields.

    (tags: Education/Training Consultings)

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