A recommender knowledge-base for the financial service industry

[German title: Eine emfehlende Wissensbasis für die Finanzdienstleistungsindustrie]

Knowledge representations for the interactive selling of financial services
Alexander Felfernig, Klaus Isak , Gerold Kreutler, Thomas Kruggel and Erich Teppan
Journal Information Systems and E-Business Management
Issue Volume 5, Number 2 / March, 2007
Pages 143-166
DOI 10.1007/s10257-006-0042-9

Abstract: Selling financial services requires deep knowledge about the product domain as well as about potential wishes and needs of customers. In the financial services domain (especially in the retail sector) sales representatives can differ greatly in their expertise and level of sales knowledge. Therefore financial service providers ask for tools effectively supporting sales representatives in the dialog with the customer. In this paper we present technologies which allow a flexible mapping of product, marketing and sales knowledge to the representation of a recommender knowledge-base thus providing an infrastructure for the interactive selling of financial services. Furthermore, we report experiences gained from financial service recommender development projects.

Keywords: Financial services – Knowledge-based recommenders – Knowledge representations

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