Call for Papers: actKM’07, Canberra, Australia

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actKM’07 – 8th annual conference of the actKM forum
22nd – 23rd of October, 2007
Canberra, Australia

Submission deadline for proposals or abstracts:
Friday the 23rd of March 2007


The committee of the ACT Knowledge Management Forum (actKM) invites you to actKM 2007, which will be held in Canberra Australia in the week beginning Monday the 22nd of October 2007.  actKM 2007 will be a two day event consisting of a conventional conference and a research forum, interspersed with participatory ‘unconference-type‘ activities.


Broadly the event will have four streams as follows:

Stream One – Tools, Techniques and Methods.  Examples of papers and activities in this stream might include, but are not limited to, Social Network Analysis; Narrative Technique; Dynamic Facilitation; Taxonomy Creation and Management; Collaborative Software; and Integrating Multiple Tools and Methods.

Stream Two – Theoretical Papers and Case Studies.  Examples of papers in this stream might include, but are not limited to, Complexity, Chaos and Knowledge Management; Wisdom Management; and Government-sector, Not-for-Profit, and Industry case studies.

Stream Three – Participatory Knowledge Activities.  Examples of activities in this stream might include, but are not limited to, Knowledge Caf?s; Knowledge Clinics; Open-Space Events; 30 Tips in 60 Minutes; and Speed Geeking.

Stream Four – Knowledge Management Research Forum.  The actKM Research Forum is for full and part-time research students at any stage of their studies in the areas of Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, Innovation, Organisational Learning, Complexity Studies or associated areas. Students must be currently undertaking a research degree from a recognised university, at either Master or Doctoral level.


We are seeking proposals from interested parties to conduct participatory knowledge activities and to present papers. 

Participatory Knowledge Activity Proposals: The participatory knowledge activity proposal must include:

  • the name and type of activity;
  • the purpose, objectives and value of the activity;
  • the intended audience;
  • required space and equipment;
  • length of time to conduct the activity;  and
  • the full names, addresses and email addresses of all activity leaders; and
    a contact e-mail for at least one activity leader.

Paper Proposals: Papers can be on any topic that meets the streams and themes identified above.   Paper abstracts should be a minimum of 100 and no more than 300 words.  Authors may elect to present either a 20 minute or 40 minute paper, and may also elect for the paper to be peer-reviewed.  Peer-reviewed papers will be published in the actKM Online Journal of Knowledge Management. Submissions must include:

  • the proposed title for the paper;
  • the full names, addresses and email addresses of all authors;
  • a contact address for at least one author;
  • an indication whether this is a 20 minute or 40 minute paper; and  
  • an election for peer review or otherwise.

Refereed Papers: Refereed papers for the conference and research forum should be between 2,000 and 5,000 words in length. They should be written as continuous expository narrative in a chapter or article style, not as list or points or a PowerPointTM presentation. Papers must be in English, and be thoroughly checked and proofread before submission by both the author and a critical editor. Do not submit a vebatim transcript of your oral presentation. Manuscripts should be single spaced and should include, in the following order:

  • cover sheet, title (as short as possible),
  • abstract (approximately 100 to 250 words),
  • keywords (up to 10 words or phrases,
  • introduction,
  • text,
  • aknowledgements,
  • references and notes.

The cover sheet should include the title; authors name, adress and e-mail address, and university affiliation(s) if applicable. Biographical notes for each author should also be included (approximately 100 words, maximum 150).


Your proposal or abstract should be sent to

Proposals or abstracts must be received no later than Friday the 23rd of March 2007

You will be notified of ‘in principal acceptance’ by e-mail on Friday the 30th of March 2007.


Information on actKM can be found at this link .

Further details on actKM 2007 will be posted in the coming weeks to this link .

Queries may be directed to


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