Call for Papers: ISMO special issue on "Social and Organizational Sustainability in relation to Knowledge Management"

[German title: Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: ISMO-Sonderausgabe: “Soziale und organisationale Nachhaltigkeit im Verhältnis zum Wissensmanagement”]

International Studies of Management and Organization

Call for Papers
Special issue on “Social and Organizational Sustainability in relation to Knowledge Management”

In contrast to what some sceptics may think, sustainability issues are here to stay. Resources are diminishing, climate change is taking place, and it seems that the industrial worlds absorb earthly assets increasingly faster. Since 2000, it has become clearer that exhausting resources, climate change and assets exploitation are, at least in part, non-natural processes. As the outcomes are destructive from an ecological sustainability point of view, the social and organizational decisions and structures that lead to these detrimental activities become increasingly visible. The 2007 UN IPCC report explicitly says, with a certainty level of over 90%, that global warming is an effect of human activities. At the same time that our destructive activities are becoming evident, it is necessary that our constructive initiatives and efforts should become visible too. “Social and organizational sustainability” is the epitaph under which these constructive activities could be placed, theoretically as well as practically.
In this Call for Papers, we ask for articles that conceptualize, use or elaborate on aspects of social or organizational sustainability. Submitted articles should focus on the organization, its members and its performance.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge, knowledge management and knowledge aspects (production, creation and transfer) in relation to social sustainability;
  • Organisational structures and co-ordination mechanisms and their relation to social sustainability;
  • Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, and Profit;
  • Shareholder activism;
  • Corporate global citizenship;
  • Corporate social responsibility and sustainability;
  • Corporate social accountability;
  • NGOs as civil society organizations;
  • Sustainable communities, regions, nations;
  • Case studies, learning from experience, learning to endorse social sustainability.

Time schedule:

  • Interested contributors are requested to submit an abstract (one A4) before May 15th 2007; Principal authors have to be non US-scholars; co-authors may be from the US;
  • Full papers should be submitted by October 1st 2007 (max 25 A4, font 11, space 1,5);
  • Final acceptance of the contributions: January 15th 2008;
  • Revised papers to be received: March 1st 2008.

Please submit articles to Guest editor:
René J. Jorna (chair in Knowledge Management and Cognition)
Faculty of Management & Organization, University of Groningen
P.O. Box 800, 9700 AV Groningen, The Netherlands


Call for Papers: ISMO special issue on "Social and Organizational Sustainability in relation to Knowledge Management" — 1 Comment

  1. Reference:

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    Social Capital and Knowledge Relatedness as Promoters of Organizational Performance
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    Stakeholder Dialogues for Sustaining Cultural Change
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