Chief Learning Officer Magazine, 2/2007


Learning Solutions
Effective Business Requirements for the LMS
Pat Alvarado
To develop an LMS successfully, organizations must have a clearly defined learning strategy. By proactively aligning the LMS with business goals, organizations can make sure their learning solutions meet the needs of every department.

How Corporate Culture Impacts the Bottom Line
E. Ted Prince
Strategies and business plans often are conceived without the financial culture of the company in mind — a misstep that can show up on the bottom line. Hiring individuals whose personal financial styles fit the company’s can create a more successful financial culture, however.

Blended Learning: Embracing Individualism
Korinne Collins and Rosanne M. Blake
Today’s knowledge workers frequently have to take on new job roles and responsibilities for which they were not trained. The key to ensuring easier adaptation and productive cooperation is using a blend of informal and formal training that keeps the “I” in “learning.”

Human Capital
Investing in Education: Lessons from IPOs
Kellye Whitney
The move from private to public can be a scary one for an organization’s workforce. Targeted investments in education can ease the transition and ensure the workforce has the knowledge it requires to perform to new expectations, rules and standards in the post-IPO environment.

Leadership: Nature versus Nurture
Scott M. Reithel, Ph.D., and David M. Finch, Ph.D.
Whence leadership? The question surely predated enterprise education, but it’s taken on new importance as organizations look for ways to develop this crucial competency. Explore how — and whether — leadership can be cultivated through learning.


CLO Profile
RR Donnelley’s Jim Graham: Pull versus Push at the Press
Daniel Margolis
At RR Donnelley, consolidated learning is key to the success of the business. With more than 60,000 employees, it’s up to Jim Graham, vice president of training and development, to ensure that everyone onboard has the knowledge and capabilities necessary to provide the company’s wide range of printing services.

Case Study
Avon: Raising the Bar with Online Education
Tegan Jones
With 5 million independent representatives worldwide, Avon Products Inc. must meet the varying needs of a diverse workforce. To address these needs, Avon’s learning and development organization came calling with corporate training techniques, a multilevel marketing/mentoring program and self-paced online courses.

Case Study
Making a Difference at Make-A-Wish
Ben Warden
Despite its high profile as one of the most recognizable charities in North America, Make-A-Wish constantly is challenged to develop and deploy a consistent, national approach to its fund-raising and volunteer recruitment efforts, the creation of which are inextricably linked to learning.

Business Intelligence
Engaging Leaders on a Gender Level
Patrick Kulesa
Research shows that gender biases can play a significant role in how junior and senior managers respond to leadership development initiatives. With these biases in mind, learning professionals might want to alter their approach to the design and delivery of leadership programs.


A Holistic Design for Leadership Development Programs
Nick van Dam, Ph.D.

Card Tricks
Jay Cross

Taking the Lead
Strategically Aligning Learning and Performance Efforts
Richard Y. Chang, Ph.D.

Best Practices
Budget and Staffing Trends: What They Mean to You for 2007
Josh Bersin

In Conclusion
You Have a Seat at the Table. Now What?
Jeanne C. Meister


Editor’s Letter
The Genius of Practical Learning


The Myth of the Born Leader

Measuring Learning Impact in Health Care

Quiznos University:
Gaming Through an LMS

Electronic Arts:
A Culture of Creativity

Seagate Technology:
A Blend of Education, Leadership


Original Feature:
Mobile Learning: The Next Step in Technology-Mediated Learning
Ellen Wagner, Ph.D.
With such widespread adoption and so many passionate users out there, it’s not surprising mobile technology is beginning to creep into the world of corporate learning. L&D professionals have an unprecedented opportunity to reach employees, customers and partners with engaging content anytime, anyplace.

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