Inside Knowledge Magazine, 10 (4), 2006

Editor’s letter
As used on the famous Nelson Mandela?


Cover story: Knowledge audit 
The knowledge audit is a valuable first step in any KM journey – as well as a gauge of the effectiveness of an organisation’s existing strategy.

Case study: Norwich Union 
Who owns the intranet? Who decides what can – and can’t – be published? Four years ago, insurer Norwich Union started to tackle the issue of intranet governance in its life assurance business. Today, governance is being tackled enterprise-wide.

Case study: Microsoft 
There are several thousand employee blogs at Microsoft. An in-depth study of bloggers in the company highlights the issues that arise when a personal medium is applied to work goals.

Case report: KM in academia 
You’ve probably heard many a manager say that a fresh college graduate is like receiving raw material. Even though they’ve been students for 16 or so years, the first thing you have to do is train them. Imagine the problem in a learning organisation. Unless those recruits came from a ‘learning’ institution, they would have to learn more than the ‘ropes’. They would have to learn how to learn.


Thought leader: Enterprise 2.0 
More and more organisations are now experimenting with the use of lightweight social tools to improve internal communications and knowledge sharing – a phenomenon some are calling ‘enterprise 2.0’.

Masterclass: Business taxonomy, part III 
Taxonomies can be powerful tools. But too often, their complexity defeats the users they are supposed to help. The business taxonomy offers a simpler alternative. In the final part of this three-part masterclass, Zach Wahl examines taxonomy evolution.

Letter from… Singapore 
For the past seven years I have been virtually virtual in my presence in the knowledge management world. But I have to admit – my experience at KM Asia taught me there’s nothing like human contact. From Jerry Ash in Singapore.

KM works best wherever it is needed and wanted. So my advice to KM wannabes is to go where the opportunity is. Carpe KM!

The Gurteen perspective 
From 1989 to 1992 I worked for Lotus Development in its then headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts as ‘International Czar’. Yes that was my title. I still have some business cards to prove it. Funny thing was, though, even with such a grand title I had no authoritative power, yet I did get to build a small team.

The knowledge: Ash Sooknanan 
If you’re struggling to understand what it means to live in a knowledge society, Ash Sooknanan is on hand to help. Drawing on his KM experiences working at the Bank of Montreal and Canada’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, he is putting the finishing touches to his debut book, Knowledge Shock.

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Social networking
Microsoft study provides tips on corporate blogging
A study into corporate blogging at software giant Microsoft, where as many as one-in-ten staff are involved in blogging, suggests that it is the organisation’s relaxed approach to the medium about what staff can – and cannot – write about that has been one of the main motivators for staff to take up blogging.

China unblocks Wikipedia as Iran clamps down
The Chinese government has unblocked the free online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, for the first time in a year. However, access to entries that it considers controversial remain blocked.

Operating systems
Microsoft (finally) releases Windows Vista operating system
Microsoft will finally release its latest operating system in December – some three years late and five years after Windows XP, but beating analyst group Gartner’s forecast that it would most likely debut in 2007. Just.

Intranets’ potential underestimated, claims survey
A new survey examining intranet use worldwide suggests that they are not yet delivering all of their promised productivity benefits – a factor partly due to corporate management underestimating the potential they provide.

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