International Journal of Learning Technology, 3 (1), 2007

Automated assessments and student learning  pp. 5 – 17 
D’Arcy Becker and Margaret Devine 
The use of an online discussion forum for case sharing in business education  pp. 18 – 31 
Eric K.W. Lau 
Towards nutrition education for adults: a systematic approach to the interface design of an online dietary assessment tool  pp. 32 – 50 
Yasmine C. Probst, Lori Lockyer, Linda C. Tapsell, et al. 
Quality mark e-learning: developing process- and product-oriented quality for learning, education and training  pp. 51 – 71 
Jan M. Pawlowski 
Determining characteristics of an information support system for designing discovery learning environments  pp. 72 – 86 
Jules M. Pieters, Renate Limbach, Ton De Jong 
The Web 2.0 way of learning with technologies  pp. 87 – 107 
Herwig Rollett, Mathias Lux, Markus Strohmaier, et al. 

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