International Journal of Technology Management , 38 (1-2), 2007

International entrepreneurship in emerging economies: the role of social capital, knowledge development and entrepreneurial actions  pp. 11 – 28 
Vincenzo Pisano, R. Duane Ireland, Michael A. Hitt, et al. 
Alliance and technology networks: an empirical study on technology learning  pp. 29 – 44 
Changsu Kim, Sam Beldona, Farok J. Contractor 
Sources of external organisational learning in small manufacturing firms  pp. 45 – 68 
Paul E. Bierly III and Paula S. Daly 
Technological knowledge and governance in alliances among competitors  pp. 69 – 89 
Joseph P. McGill 
Learning in a consortium: a longitudinal case study  pp. 90 – 112 
Janis L. Gogan, Ulric J. Gelinas Jr., Ashok Rao 
Performance implications of organisational structure and knowledge sharing in multinational R&D networks  pp. 113 – 136 
Chris W. Grevesen and Fariborz Damanpour 
External knowledge acquisition, creativity and learning in organisational problem solving  pp. 137 – 159 
Christine W. Soo, Timothy M. Devinney, David F. Midgley 
Managing intellectual property in R&D alliances  pp. 160 – 177 
Bing-Sheng Teng 
Data, meaning and practice: how the knowledge-based view can clarify technology’s relationship with organisations  pp. 178 – 196 
J-C. Spender 

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