Knowledge-Based Systems, 20 (2), 2007 – Special: AI 2006 papers

[German title: Knowledge-Based Systems, 20 (2), 2007 – Spezial: Beiträge der AI 2006 (Translate text to: Deutsch)]

Knowledge-Based Systems, Volume 20, Issue 2, Pages 111-208 (March 2007)
Special: AI 2006, The 26th SGAI International Conference on Innovative Techniques and Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Cambridge, England, 11-13 December 2006
Guest Editorial 
Pages 111-112
Max Bramer

Combining task execution and background knowledge for the verification of medical guidelines 
Pages 113-119
Arjen Hommersom, Perry Groot, Peter Lucas, Michael Balser and Jonathan Schmitt

A decision tree-based attribute weighting filter for naive Bayes 
Pages 120-126
Mark Hall

Initialization method for grammar-guided genetic programming 
Pages 127-133
M. García-Arnau, D. Manrique, J. Ríos and A. Rodríguez-Patón

On-line monitoring of plan execution: A distributed approach 
Pages 134-142
Roberto Micalizio and Pietro Torasso

A reusable commitment management service using Semantic Web technology 
Pages 143-151
Alun Preece, Stuart Chalmers and Craig McKenzie

Using AI and semantic web technologies to attack process complexity in open systems 
Pages 152-159
Simon Thompson, Nick Giles, Yang Li, Hamid Gharib and Thuc Duong Nguyen

Managing restaurant tables using constraints 
Pages 160-169
Alfio Vidotto, Kenneth N. Brown and J. Christopher Beck

Use of data mining techniques to model crime scene investigator performance 
Pages 170-176
Richard Adderley, Michael Townsley and John Bond

Bringing chatbots into education: Towards natural language negotiation of open learner models 
Pages 177-185
Alice Kerly, Phil Hall and Susan Bull

Domain-dependent distributed models for railway scheduling 
Pages 186-194
M.A. Salido, M. Abril, F. Barber, L. Ingolotti, P. Tormos and A. Lova

Automatic species identification of live moths 
Pages 195-202
Michael Mayo and Anna T. Watson

SASS applied to optimum work roll profile selection in the hot rolling of wide steel 
Pages 203-208
Lars Nolle
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