KM News & Resources links for 2007-02-09

  • Welcome to the Gurteen Knowledge Log. This log is a weblog in which I blog items of interest that I have found on the web, experiences or insights that I think you will find useful mainly but not strictly limited to the area of knowledge management and le

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  • Commited to the prosperous sustainabilits of enterprises around the world through the optimal flow of knowledge in innovation systems

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  • A geographic region, product/service/industry segment or community of practice in which knowledge flows from the point of origin to the point of need or opportunity

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  • The Knowledge Management Connection provides a systematic knowledge-management framework and explicit model for knowledge resources

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  • Das SKMF hat zum Ziel, ein aktives Netzwerk zum Thema Knowledge Management zu bilden. Durch Initialisierung und Koordination von Aktivitäten verbindet SKMF Praktiker im Bereich Knowledge Management.

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  • International Knowledge Societies is at the cutting edge of scientific progress to promoting excellence in science. It plays an influential role in science and promotes developments in science, engineering and knowledge technology in a wide range of ways.

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  • Die Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung setzt hier die öffentliche Auseinandersetzung mit den Herausforderungen der Wissensgesellschaft fort, die sie auf dem Kongress “Gut zu Wissen – links zur Wissensgesellschaft” in Berlin begonnen hat.

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  • The work in the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation and in Institutional Management of Higher Education ranges from clarifying the concepts and theoretical foundations for a knowledge-driven economy, through analysis of public-private sector

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  • … KM on the top agenda … “Foresight 2020”, a new research report written by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Cisco Systems, assesses likely changes to the global economy, to eight major industries and to corporate structures over the n

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  • Knowledge Management for Organizational Capacity is an initiative of the World Bank Institute aiming to enhance the capacity of development-oriented organizations … key documents related to the World Bank’s “Knowledge Bank” strategy. …

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  • Citings for Knowledge Workers … Although, no longer updated a valuable source for links!

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