KM News & Resources links for 2007-02-10

  • The Pittsburgh Regional Knowledge Management Consortium was established in 2002 to provide a forum for individuals and organizations interested in knowledge management – a forum for sharing ideas, for connecting with other knowledge workers in the area, a

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  • Anecdote is a consulting firm that specialises in helping organisations to tackle complex problems like organisational change, learning and project evaluation. We help to create the conditions for insight and empowerment.

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  • The KMLF is a face-to-face education and networking forum, run by KM practitioners for KM practitioners. This group uses online communications mainly to manage the membership list and send out notification emails

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  • SoL-Austria steht für den praxisorientierten Informationsaustausch zwischen BeraterInnen, Unternehmen und WissenschaftlerInnen sowie als Initiator von “Organisationalem-Lernen” auf Basis eigener und der Konzepte von Global-SoL.

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