KM News & Resources links for 2007-02-15

  • It is about becoming a KM practitioner. Integrated and Aggregated Teaching, Training, Theory, practice, service, and research prospects. Areas of Interest: Activity (capture, index, disseminate, and utilize); Background knowledge (tacit, explicit, and cor

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  • Tom Godfrey is a Knowledge Management professional that has been involved in KM and KM products since 1998. Tom’s work experience and expertise is in the Human Resources and Business Analysis sectors.

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  • La mission de KnowledgeConsult est d’accompagner les organisations dans la mise en place de leurs démarches de management des connaissances et de veille. Les savoir-faire de KnowledgeConsult couvrent le champ complet de la gestion des connaissances et

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  • This e-group brings together all the KM practitioners, consultants, and leading experts of the Knowledge Management in India elsewhere. The group endeavors to provide a common platform for the members to share their on-going experiences, thoughts, success

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  • an accumulation of e-resources on KM & other subjects. This give links to various useful e-resources on Knowledge Management, Librarianship, Philosophy, Health, Technology, ITES/BPO/ ITIL, Call Centers, Business Information etc.

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