Linking knowledge management to other IT management topics

[German title: Die Verbindung von Wissensmanagement mit anderen IT-Managementthemen]

Gottschalk, P.: Knowledge Management Systems: Value Shop Creation. Hershey, PA: Idea Group, 2007. 322 p.; 1-59904-060-3 (hkb); 1-59904-061-1 (pbk)

Abstract: The main objective of knowledge management is to support the creation, transfer, and application of knowledge. Researchers and practitioners have emphasized the important role of knowledge management in electronic business and IT outsourcing relationships. Knowledge Management Systems: Value Shop Creation is based on the premise that it is difficult, if not impossible, to manage an organization without at least some understanding of knowledge management and knowledge management systems.

Knowledge Management Systems: Value Shop Creation combines knowledge management with other subject areas within the management information systems field. The scholarly value of this book can be found in insights generated from the contingent approach to linking knowledge management to other IT management topics and its uses.

Author: Dr. Petter Gottschalk is Professor, Information Management at the Norwegian School of Management. He is teaching strategic knowledge management technology to undergraduate and graduate students in Norway and China. He is conducting knowledge management research in law firms in Norway and Australia. Professor Gottschalk earned his MBA at the Technical University Berlin, Germany, his MSc at Dartmouth College and MIT, USA, and his DBA at Henley Management College, Brunel University, UK. His executive experience includes CIO at ABB and CEO at ABB Datacables.

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