Multinational corporation Innovation Management through Knowledge Management

[German title: Innovationsmanagement in multinationalen Unternehmen durch Wissensmanagement]

Driving Creativity: Extending Knowledge Management into the Multinational Corporation
James W. Gabberty and Jennifer D. E. Thomas
Interdisciplinary Journal of Information, Knowledge, and Management, Volume 2, 2007: 1-15.

Abstract: A major issue facing the multinational corporation (MNC) knowledge management (KM) function is grappling with how information and communications technology (ICT) can best assist in promoting innovation and creativity, shepherding ideas from concept through reality. This paper presents a model in which to examine this development that is designed to promote continued competitiveness in an increasingly interlinked and interdependent global marketplace. The model distinguishes between a tacit knowledge zone (TKZ), a non-binding refinement zone (NRZ), and an explicit knowledge zone (EKZ) and suggests areas for research within the context of this model.

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Information & Communications Technology, Creativity, Innovation, Idea Modeling, Multinational Corporation

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