SoL Flash, 11 (1), 2007

Newsletter of the Society for Organizational Learning

The SoL Forum on Business Innovation for Sustainability
SoL Meeting at 17th Annual Pegasus Conference
Theory U: Leading from the Future as it Emerges
Two-day Workshop Featuring the Key Content of SoL’s Core Competencies Course

Reflections: The SoL Journal
— Reflections Volume 7 Compilation

Sustainability News
— Sustainability Audio Conference
— SoL European Sustainability Group (ESG)

Upcoming Founding SoL Courses and Events
— An Evening with Bernard Lietaer
— Presencing: Collective Leadership for Profound Innovation and Change
— Foundations for Leadership
— Executive Champions’ Workshop (ECW)

Other Local SoL Community Updates and Events
— SoL UK and France
— SoL Australia (SoLA)

SoL Member Opportunities
— SoL Member Consulting Convergence
— SoL Member Discount on Online Course
— SoL Member Discount on 17th Annual Pegasus Conference
— SoL Special Offers Webpage

SoL Business
— Upcoming SoL Council Meetings
— Welcome Edith M. Valeri, SoL’s New Business Manager
— Jean Macdonald Retires from SoL

SoL Community Events
— Sustainable School Development Conference
— Evolutionary Leadership for Sustainability
— Upcoming Events at EnlightenNext Boston
— Presencing: Embodied Presence Practices
— World Café European Gathering
— The Art and Practice of Presencing: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future
— Shambhala Institute – Authentic Leadership Summer Program
— From Canopy to Forest Floor: Organization Development in the Global Ecology

SoL Community News
— A Change in the Magnitude of Change
— SoL Member Activities: Rik Berbé
— SoL Member Activities: Steve P. Ober
— LOPN, Learning Organisation Practitioners’ Network, Singapore

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