The US Navy career counselling knowledge-base

[German title: Die Berufsberastungwissensbasis der US Marine]

Knowledge acquisition: an approach for Navy career counselling
Wen-Shuan Tseng, Hang Nguyen, Jay Liebowitz, Timothy Adams
International Journal of Innovation and Learning
Issue: Volume 4, Number 4 / 2007
Pages: 342 – 356

Abstract: In this paper, we describe the career counselling domain of the US Navy. Through this understanding, we develop two sets of generic knowledge acquisition methodologies: a hybrid approach of CommonKADS and multiple classification Ripple Down Rules, and a concept mapping approach to form the career counselling knowledge-base for the Sailor assignment problem. The acquired knowledge will then be incorporated into the Navy career counsellor agent in the Web-based marketplace multi-agent system, being developed at the Navy Personnel Research Studies and Technology (NPRST) agency.

Keywords: learning, innovation, knowledge acquisition, navy, career counselling, concept maps, decision tables, business rules, United States, USA

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