Understanding information sharing in China

[German title: Das Teilen von Informationen in China verstehen]

An empirical investigation of socio-cultural factors of information sharing in China
Seung Kyoon Shina, Michael Ishmanb, and G. Lawrence Sanders
Information & Management
Volume 44, Issue 2 , March 2007, Pages 165-174

Abstract: Understanding information sharing is an important challenge to modern organizations, and is likely to be increasingly considered when IT investment decisions are made world-wide. Our research study investigated the influence of cultural factors on information sharing in China. It was postulated that social network structures such as guanxi, Confucian dynamism, and collectivism could explain the degree to which information sharing took place between people in China. It was found that guanxi, Confucian dynamism, and collectivism all had a significant influence on information sharing.

Keywords: Information sharing; China; Culture; Collectivism; Confucian dynamism; Guanxi

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