An agent-based simulation model to analyze investment on new economic knowledge

[German title: Ein agentenbasiertes Simulationsmodell um Investitionen in neues ökonomisches Wissen zu analysieren]

Norio Sawabe, Susumu Egashira
The knowledge management strategy and the formation of innovative networks in emerging industries
Journal: Journal of Evolutionary Economics
Publisher: Springer Berlin / Heidelberg
ISSN 0936-9937 (Print) 1432-1386 (Online)
DOI 10.1007/s00191-006-0052-2

Abstract: This paper presents an agent-based simulation model with local network externality to analyze strategic interactions over investment on new economic knowledge. R&D knowledge flows and spillovers are the results of non-cooperative games played between neighboring agents in the model. The model demonstrates a situation where no agents have incentives to hide their economic knowledge, a situation that is observed in open source software development projects. The likelihood of obtaining a stable situation where new economic knowledge is openly shared is increased when heterogeneity of agents is introduced.

Keywords: Knowledge management – Open source – Industrial development

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