Chief Learning Officer Magazine, 3/2007


Learning Solutions
Outsourcing Learning: Improving the Experience
Richard Klingshirn
The learning outsourcing market is exploding at such a fast pace, it’s a question of when, not if, you’ll outsource an aspect of the learning function. What can you learn from outsourcing’s earliest adopters?

Designing and Delivering Learning Analytics Dashboards
Jeffrey Berk
Today’s chief learning officers need to have access to meaningful information for decision-making purposes. Through a learning analytics dashboard, CLOs can obtain a broad perspective on all the areas they manage.

Improving Organizational Performance with Podcasts
Kaliym A. Islam
When it comes to the latest, hippest technology for corporations, podcasting is up there with BlackBerries and blogging. But this technology has more potential than just being a cool tool — it can revolutionize the way learning leaders deliver content.

Human Capital
The New CLO: Developing Success
Oliver W. Cummings
Succeeding in a company as the new CLO takes more than finding your place in the corporate ranks. It also takes determining learning’s place in the C-suite’s priorities. Finding this position requires, above all, asking lots of questions.

Engaging Four Generations to Enhance Productivity
Dianne Durkin
There’s an element compounding the pressure and raising the stakes on employee commitment: Never before has there been such a diversity of generations in the workforce. And it is only going to get more challenging.


CLO Profile
Citizens Financial Group’s Marcia Petersen: Crafting the CLO Role
Tegan Jones
Since taking over as Citizens Financial Group’s CLO, Marcia Petersen has standardized the organization’s locally grown training programs and made them applicable for Charter One, Citizens Bank and corporate colleagues across the country. And she did it as the first-ever CLO for the company.

Case Study
Computerized Learning at CompUSA
Daniel Margolis
In the competitive world of electronics and office supply retailing, companies need to make their resources widely available yet streamlined. CompUSA came to this realization in 1998 when it developed its first LMS. In the decade since, the company has reduced its training costs from more than $50 per unit to less than $1 per unit.

Business Intelligence
Staffing Learning & Development: Doing More with Less
Peter McStravick
Learning departments aren’t immune to the effects of talent shortages. How are they coping with the increases in demand for their services? Are they staffed appropriately to meet these growing demands? And what could be the potential fallout of a skills shortage within the training industry?


Take Five
Five Open-Source Learning Management Systems
Brandon Hall

Selling Up, Selling Down
Desktop Learning Should Reflect Reality
Bob Mosher

High-Definition Documents
Elliott Masie

The Role of the CLO: Learning from the Journey
Fred Harburg

Guest Editorial
Using In-House Experts to Deliver Exceptional Learning
Wanda Ritter

In Conclusion
Are We Doing Enough to Develop Our Technical Employees?
Jeanne C. Meister


Editor’s Letter
Looking at Learning through an Innovation Lens


Customizing Learning to Meet Multigenerational Needs

Middlebury College:
Bringing Podcasting to Class

Using Analytics to Enhance Leadership Training

CoreNet Global:
Choosing the Right Guide For the Job

A Look at Outsourcing Learning


Original Feature:
How Effective is Your Sales Training Program?
Tina Teodorescu
It’s the job of sales performance consultants, human performance technologists, sales trainers and human resources professionals to help salespeople produce better results. Why aren’t more of these professionals stepping up to the challenge?

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