Develop systems to effectively manage knowledge transfer and best practice implementations

[German title: Systeme entwickeln, durch die man wirksam Wissensweitergabe und die Einführung optimaler Verfahren organisiert]

Knowledge Management of Internal Best Practices
Knowledge Management Best Practices benchmarking report KM-31

Best Practices, LLC 

Abstract: Does your company know what it knows? Identify, record, and disseminate internal best practices throughout your organization. This Best Practices Benchmarking® Report profiles a diverse group of companies that have demonstrated effective operating practices and winning strategies in the area of sharing best practices through knowledge management.

Industries Profiled: Manufacturing; High Tech; Financial Services; Consulting; Telecommunications; Distribution; Retail; Chemical; Banking; Energy; Health Care; Insurance; Computers; Automobile; Computer Hardware; Diversified; Entertainment; Pharmaceutical; Biotech; Internet; Media; Publishing; Cable; Multiple

Companies Profiled: Xerox; American Express; Booz Allen & Hamilton; AT&T; Avon; Buckman Laboratories; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; Chaparral Steel; Chemical Bank; Chevron; Cigna; CoreState Bank; Dow Chemical; Eastman Chemical; EDS; Ford; General Electric; General Motors; Harris Corporation; Hewlett-Packard; Johnson Controls; Koch Industries; Manco; MetLife; Milliken; Monsanto; Motorola; Pella; Pfizer; PricewaterhouseCoopers; Qwest Communications; Skandia; Time Warner; Toyota; Verizon; Wal-Mart; Wells Fargo

Key Findings: Integrated Performance Systems and Key Performance Dimensions: Using best practice research findings, the Best Practices, LLC research team identified key performance dimensions or sub-elements that are cornerstones of the integrated management system. The key performance dimensions include:

  1. Link Best Practices to Strategy Fulfillment
  2. Best Practice Identification Systems
  3. Best Practice Recognition Systems
  4. Communicating Best Practices
  5. Best Practice Knowledge Sharing Systems
  6. Ongoing Nurturing of Best Practices

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