Development of agents that survive through knowledge and knowledge processes

[German title: Entwicklung von Agenten, die durch Wissen und Wissensprozesse überleben]

Knowledge cybernetics: a new metaphor for social collectives
Maurice Yolles 
Organisational Transformation and Social Change
Volume: 3 | Issue: 1 | Cover date: October 2006 | Page(s): 19-49
Abstract: Knowledge cybernetics is principally concerned with the development of agents like autonomous social collectives that survive through knowledge and knowledge processes. Deriving from epistemological antecedents created by Stafford Beer and explored through notions of ontology by Eric Schwarz, a new form of knowledge management arises that is connected with the notions of Marshall and her new radical classifications for knowledge. These ideas can be closely associated with concepts of lifeworld and the ideas of communicative action by Habermas, and leads to a useful knowledge cybernetic framework. This has the capacity to relate to and develop a variety of what might be thought of as otherwise disparate theories that can ultimately be expressed in terms of knowledge.

Keywords: knowledge, cybernetics, knowledge management, autonomous social collectives

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