Finding the edges of an image – deriving knowledge from semantic information

[German title: Die Ränder eines Bildes finden – Wissen aus semantischen Informationen herleiten]

Title: Image edge detection: A knowledge management technique for visual scene analysis 
Author(s): O. Folorunso, O.R. Vincent, B.M. Dansu 
Journal: Information Management & Computer Security 
ISSN: 0968-5227 
Year: 2007 Volume: 15 Issue: 1 Page: 23 – 32 
DOI: 10.1108/09685220710738741 
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited 

Abstract: Purpose – This paper seeks to describe the use of edge-detection as an approach to support the process of analyzing visual scenes.
Design/methodology/approach – Edges-detection is considered as a KM technique task. Several edge-detection algorithms were discussed but Canny method was chosen in conjunction with JAVA to find the edges of an image.
Findings – The paper provides an overview of knowledge need by the visual scene analyst. It reviews the process of extracting knowledge from image data. Finally, the paper looks at the management aspects of image-edge detection.
Originality/value – Experiments herein have proved the method robustness by considering edge-detection as a knowledge management technique for visual scene analysis by deriving knowledge from semantic information based on object boundaries shadow. 

Keywords: Algorithmic languages, Knowledge management, Semantics, Visual programming 

Article Type: Research paper 

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