Inside Knowledge Magazine, 10 (6), 2007

Editor’s letter: When two worlds collide
Welcome to the March 2007 issue of Inside Knowledge – now bigger and better. This month, we welcome readers of IK’s sister magazine, Enterprise Information, which is being merged with IK to provide a magazine devoted solely to knowledge and information management. By Graeme Burton


Case study: Unisys 
Alex Goodall outlines how Unisys applies a balanced scorecard to knowledge-management projects to help determine their value and deliver on the company’s overall KM vision.

Enterprise information: The secrets of intranet success 
What tools and methods are award-winning intranet sites using to stay one step ahead in the usability stakes? By Jessica Twentyman

Workshop: Social networking software 
Has the boss started blogging? Is the organisation expected to use the CEO’s blog (and podcasts, perhaps) to publicise the company? What’s required is social-media optimisation.

Case report: Theory of KM evolution 
The knowledge-driven enterprise of the future needs knowledge management – and KM is evolving for the better as a result. By Jerry Ash

Masterclass: KM culture 
Implementing knowledge management is easy compared to the task of making it stick. Nick Milton explores some of the techniques for ensuring a permanent change in culture. By Nick Milton

Case study: BAE Systems 
Investing in people development, collaboration and organisational learning online via its Virtual University has generated substantial return on investment for BAE Systems.

Case study: United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations 
Managing information in any organisation is a challenge, but how about one with a ‘board of directors’ drawn from 192 nations, involved in sensitive peace-keeping operations around the world? By Danny Myint


First word: The weakest link? 
Worried about information security? The weakest link could be in your IT department, according to the latest research. By Calum Macleod

Knowledgeworks: Unisys’ SiLK stirs 
Can KM and Six Sigma really sit comfortably side by side? Not everyone is convinced. By Jerry Ash

Opinion: Engagementisation or personalisement? 
There has never been a shortage of new technologies and trends to follow on the web. From the early days of Amazon’s personalisation engine, to new search algorithms, podcasts and social networking. They seem to come thick and fast. But have you noticed how they never seem to get a chance to completely bear fruit before the ‘next big thing’ lands?

The Gurteen perspective: KM mission 
I was recently asked to comment on a vision statement that an organisation was proposing for a knowledge management (KM) initiative. This brought my thoughts – and apprehensions – about vision and mission statements flooding back. And so I thought I’d try to capture the essence of my thoughts about them here.

The knowledge: Simon Mills 
Bringing knowledge and information management to two distinct organisations, Simon Mills shares his lessons from his work with a fast-moving telecoms giant and a 300-year-old financial institution.

Thought leader: Why penguins have no commanding officer… 
Many people have been enchanted by the film The March of the Penguins, especially when they realise that the penguins have no single leader. But if they have no leader then how do they know where to go?

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Microsoft hits out at Google over copyright
Microsoft’s associate general counsel, Tom Rubin, has attacked its online rival Google for its “cavalier” attitude towards copyright law in a speech to the American Association of Publishers in New York.

Executives targeted in personalised cyber-attacks
Hackers are using social-networking sites to target attacks against specific individuals and organisations.

Oracle unveils Stellent roadmap
Software giant Oracle has unveiled its roadmap for Stellent, the content management system supplier it acquired for $440m, which it completed on 1 March.

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