Knowledge Management in developing countries – the case of Africa

[German title: Wissensmanagement in Entwicklungsländern – der Fall Afrika]

Kingo J. Mchombu
Harnessing Knowledge Management for Africa’s Transition to the 21st Century
Information Development, Vol. 23, No. 1, 25-42 (2007)

Abstract: The paper starts with an exploration of knowledge management which focuses on the knowledge pyramid concept. The successful management of the transition from an agricultural to a knowledge based society, it is argued, should go beyond formulating information communication technology policies to include knowledge management policies as well. The contribution of information and knowledge systems in six key sectors of the national economy is described as vital to kick start the revival and reconstruction of Africa. The sectors identified are: poverty eradication and wealth generation, transfer of technologies and innovations, education sector, agricultural sector, small, medium and micro enterprises, and health sector. The new era of knowledge management challenges information specialists to reinvent and reposition themselves as infomediaries and knowledge managers who can manage efficiently the process of converting data and information into knowledge for development.

Key Words: Knowledge management • Development • Africa

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