KM News & Resources links for 2007-03-06

  • Workshop tracks covering knowledge policy, innovation, intellectual capital, leadership, knowledge strategies, information and communication technologies as well as organizationare a powerful tool employed to bridge the gap between academia and practition

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  • Das Verbundprojekt ProWis hat sich das Ziel gesetzt, KMU bei der Erschließung dieser Potenziale durch die Verbesserungen der wichtigsten operativen Wertschöpfungsprozesse zu unterstützen. Im Rahmen des Projektes wird ein Methodenset entwickelt, das es

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  • KnowledgeTree™ is document management made simple: secure, share, track and manage the documents and records your organization depends on with ease.

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  • Welcome to the Knowledge Management group – a place where anyone interested in KM can connect. Discuss questions like: “Anyone using wikis in their KM strategy?” Or, “Who knows the CKO at Lockheed Martin?” This and more here. Join us today.

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