KnowledgeBoard Newsletter #146, 2/2006

Note: unfortunately no longer exists. However some of the content is still available via the WayBackMachine

KnowledgeBoard #146 – 08 March 2007 – Your Global KM Community

Kate Phelon

March Book of the Month: Peter Sammons’ ‘Buying Knowledge’
Introducing a KM strategy, improving knowledge flows, becoming a better knowledge manager. There are numerous books on how to effectively create, share and manage knowledge. Peter Sammons’ latest book touches on an important topic that has not been tackled by many of the standard KM sources so far – how to buy knowledge.

Call for papers
In this call for papers, the International Studies of Management and Organization ask for articles that conceptualise, use or elaborate on aspects of social or organizational sustainability.

Transcript of online event: RUSMECO Project 14 February


Knowledge Society – Quo vadis?
By Thomas Auer

Complex Adaptive Systems Knowledge TransferSM Process Context Matrix
By Stuart Haggard, M.B.A.

Complex Adaptive Systems Knowledge TransferSM Process Question Set Context
By Stuart Haggard, M.B.A

Part Two (The Practice): How To Transfer Knowledge Successfully…
By Stuart Haggard, M.B.A


* The Knowledge Triangle

* I am to draft Terms of Reference (TORs) for a committee to be constituted for KM initiative in a govt. ministry. Can anyone point me to some useful resources available online?

* It’s all about KM

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