LMS and Learning Systems Changes – Free Briefing

[German title: LMS und Veränderungen bei Lernsystemen – Gratis-Einweisung]

On-line briefing module
Changing Learning Systems: Forces & Disruptions
by Elliott Masie, LMS 2007

Abstract: Why are so many organizations Leaving, Changing or Evolving their deployments of Learning Management Systems?

  • Changing Learners
  • Changing Content Models
  • Changing Business Processes
  • Changing Learning & IT Models
  • Changing Marketplace

This content is based on our research with our 240 member Learning CONSORTIUM.  We are tracking a rate of more than 30% of corporations in LMS and LCMS “reconsideration”.  This on-line module includes my audio comments on the key business drivers that are impacting LMS selection and change.

URL: http://www.lms2007.com/changes

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