Organization, 14 (1), 2007 (Special: The Philosophical Foundations of Knowledge Management)

[German title: Organization, 14 (1), 2007 – Sonderausgabe: Die Philosophischen Grundlagen des Wissensmanagements]

J.-C. Spender and Andreas Georg Scherer
The Philosophical Foundations of Knowledge Management: Editors’ Introduction  5-28.

Nicolai J. Foss
The Emerging Knowledge Governance Approach: Challenges and Characteristics  29-52.   

Stephane A. Tywoniak
Knowledge in Four Deformation Dimensions  53-76.   

Georg Schreyögg and Daniel Geiger
The Significance of Distinctiveness: A Proposal for Rethinking Organizational Knowledge  77-100.

Stefan Gueldenberg and Holger Helting
Bridging ‘The Great Divide’: Nonaka’s Synthesis of ‘Western’ and ‘Eastern’ Knowledge Concepts Reassessed  101-122. [

William McKinley
Managing Knowledge in Organization Studies Through Instrumentation  123-146.

Tor Hernes
Book Review: Organizational Identity Between Endurance and Change  147-150.

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