What causes social interaction?

[German title: Was führt zu sozialer Interaktion?]

How organizational climate and structure affect knowledge management—The social interaction perspective
Chung-Jen Chenam and Jing-Wen Huang
International Journal of Information Management
Volume 27, Issue 2 , April 2007, Pages 104-118

Abstract: The main purpose of this study is to examine the effects of organizational climate and structure on knowledge management from the social interaction perspective. Regression analysis was used to test the hypotheses in a sample of 146 cases. The findings suggest that innovative and cooperative climate is positively related to social interaction; that when the organizational structure is less formalized, more decentralized and integrated, social interaction is more favorable; and that social interaction is positively related to knowledge management. These empirical evidences support the process-oriented view and indicate that social interaction plays the mediating role between organizational climate, organizational structure, and knowledge management.

Keywords: Knowledge management; Social interaction; Organizational climate; Organizational structure

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