The Learning Organization, 14 (2), 2007

The individual|collective dialectic in the learning organization  
Yew-Jin Lee, Wolff-Michael Roth (pp. 92-107) 
Keywords: Canada, Fish farming, Learning organizations, Public sector organizations 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Senge’s many faces: problem or opportunity?  
Anders Örtenblad (pp. 108-122) 
Keywords: Learning organizations, Literature 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Extending the “knowledge advantage”: creating learning chains  
Tayyab Maqsood, Derek Walker, Andrew Finegan (pp. 123-141) 
Keywords: Innovation, Knowledge management, Learning organizations, Supply chain management 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Leading with relationships: a small firm example  
Sara B. Marcketti, Joy M. Kozar (pp. 142-154) 
Keywords: Leadership, Small enterprises, United States of America 
ArticleType: Research paper 
A study on relationship among leadership, organizational culture, the operation of learning organization and employees’ job satisfaction  
Su-Chao Chang, Ming-Shing Lee (pp. 155-185) 
Keywords: Job satisfaction, Leadership, Learning organizations, Organizational culture, Taiwan 
ArticleType:Research paper 
Knowledge management model: practical application for competency development  
Denise Lustri, Irene Miura, Sérgio Takahashi (pp. 186-202) 
Keywords: Competences, Knowledge management, Legal profession 
ArticleType:Research paper 
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