Call for Papers: KPM Symposium, Tulsa, October 3-4th, 2007

[German title: Aufrud für Artikel-Beiträge: KPM Symposium, Tulsa, 3-4 Oktober, 2007]

The 2nd KPM Symposium
Knowledge Management and Project Management
October 3-4th, 2007, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Deadline for submission is August 30, 2007

Organized by:
Green Country Knowledge and Information (GC-KIP) Society and Project Management Institute (PMI), Tulsa Chapter

Traditional project management (PM) processes excel at creating and sharing explicit knowledge — the kind of knowledge that is recorded in project documents, memos, meeting minutes, e-mails, etc.  Knowledge management (KM) processes on the other hand excel at managing tacit knowledge — the kind of knowledge which is held by individuals, is not easy to codify or communicate, and is made up of personal experiences, insights and lessons learned. 
The KPM Symposium is a unique opportunity to present new ideas and to explore recent developments, emerging trends and issues, case studies, best practices, PM and KM tools and technologies and other issues related to knowledge management and project management.

Papers and presentation proposals are invited in one or more of the following areas:

  • Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Transfer between Projects, departments and Organizations
  • Knowledge Retention Policies and Project Management Post Mortem
  • Modern Project Management
  • PM and KM tools and technologies
  • Scalability of  PM and KM, from the personal level to the enterprise level
  • Knowledge Management Practices
  • KM and PM Competencies and Career Development
  • Current and Future Issues in Project Management and Knowledge Management
  • Other Issues

Selected papers from the symposium will be reviewed and published in a special issue of the Journal of Information and Knowledge Management (JIKM). Project management and knowledge management professionals, researchers, practitioners and students worldwide are invited to email a complete paper or an abstract for PowerPoint presentation on one of the above topics to Kristin Thompson at

More Information on the conference website.

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