Chief Learning Officer Magazine, 4/2007


Learning Solutions
The Evolution of Sales Training
Dave Stein
Finance departments have generally accepted accounting principles. Manufacturing departments have ISO 9000 designations. But when it comes to sales departments, many aren’t expected to comply with such formal processes. As sales training evolves, will formal standards and compliance progress, as well?

The Story of Data- and Dialogue- Driven Leadership
Theresa M. Welbourne, Ph.D.
As companies grow, where does employee voice stand? It’s a question that Theresa M. Welbourne, Ph.D., founder, president and CEO of eePulse Inc., has spent a career studying. Learn about her research and discoveries about data-driven leadership.

Engineering Principles for Rapid E-Learning
Pat Alvarado
In today’s climate, no aspect of business escapes being eyed for potential performance improvements; it’s all felt on the bottom line. This extends to e-learning, as well, where being resourceful and disciplined can make for great gains in speed and cost efficiency.

Human Capital
Extra Value: Lessons from Fast Food
Tegan Jones
Delivering speedy service with a smile isn’t as easy as it might seem. The recruiting and learning policies of fast food companies must increase employee engagement and reduce turnover to keep customers happy and help their businesses stay hot and fresh.

Running a Lean Learning Function
Brian Summerfield
The lean enterprise system is primarily thought of as a process designed to improve manufacturing practices. Although this is unquestionably true, it also can benefit employee learning and development programs. Find out how you can make learn principles work for you.

CLO Profile
Tom Evans: Using Learning as a Business Driver at PricewaterhouseCoopers
Kellye Whitney
For the CLO, there’s learning, and then there’s business. Without the business element, learning efforts can produce little return, something PricewaterhouseCoopers CLO Tom Evans understands. Blending newer, more experienced managers with a real-world learning/business platform, he has initiated measurable changes at the firm.

Case Study
Building the Gentle Dental University at InterDent
Brian Summerfield
Many people dread trips to the dentist’s office, fearing possibly agonizing procedures at the hands of the people who stand over the chair. Dental services provider InterDent, however, recently launched Gentle Dental University to help ensure patients’ experiences are as painless as possible.

Business Intelligence
Public Funds for Training: Is Your Company Getting Its Share?
C. Michael Ferraro
When it comes to garnering money for learning programs, CLOs are not limited to company coffers — the government provides public funds through both the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998, as well as through federal programs in various agencies.

Developing the Leader’s Core Strengths
Nick van Dam, Ph.D.

The Learning Mixer
Jay Cross

Taking the Lead
CLOs as Organization Transformation Catalysts
Richard Y. Chang, Ph.D.

Best Practices
The Stampede to Talent Management
Josh Bersin

Guest Editorial
Green Thumb Management: Advice for Growing Great Employees
Erika Andersen

In Conclusion
Experiential Learning Integrates Action Coaching to Maximize Results
Jeanne C. Meister

Editor’s Letter
Tempus Fugit

Letters to the Editor

Leading with Data at New Century Mortgage Corp.

The University of Toyota:
Leaning on Learning

Do You Believe in Magic?
The Secret to McDonald’s Training Success

New Sales Training Key to Success

Spartan Stores:
Ringing versus Rapid Learning

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