Inside Knowledge Magazine, 10 (7), 2007

Editor’s letter: Is KM finished?
Every now and then, something comes along to shake people out of complacency. This month’s case report – and related debate between Jerry Ash and David Snowden – is just such an occurrence.


The big debate: David Snowden
David Snowden responds to Jerry Ash’s defence of knowledge management, arguing that while KM is far from dead, it is coming to the end of its natural lifecycle and that we should prepare to move on.

The big debate: Jerry Ash
In the first of this two-part debate, Jerry Ash argues that KM is not just alive, well and prospering, but is still in its infancy.

Case report: Is KM finished?
Some prominent figures are questioning whether the knowledge management agenda has moved on. By Jerry Ash

Case study: Arup
The culture of an organisation is inseparable from the way it manages its knowledge. And the culture of Arup is a little bit different from the average organisation, says Colin Henson.

Masterclass: Obtaining support for KM
Stan Garfield discusses the importance of securing high-level support for knowledge management is widely acknowledged, but little discussed.

Welcome to the future centre
Future centres are proliferating. But what are they and how do they differ from knowledge cities? By Graeme Burton

Book review: Organizing knowledge
It was Jan Wylie who persuaded Inside Knowledge to rush out a review of Organizing Knowledge, the moment our review copy arrived.

Profile: Jerry Bowles
Jerry Bowles gives Sandra Higgison five good reasons why CEOs simply shouldn’t blog.


ISKO establishes UK chapter
A group of UK-based information-management professionals have set up a local chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO).

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