Knowledge-Based Systems, 20 (4), 2007

Knowledge-Based Systems
Volume 20, Issue 4, Pages 321-436 (May 2007)

Aggregation of web search engines based on users’ preferences in WebFusion Pages 321-328
Amir Hosein Keyhanipour, Behzad Moshiri, Majid Kazemian, Maryam Piroozmand and Caro Lucas

BitTableFI: An efficient mining frequent itemsets algorithm Pages 329-335
Jie Dong and Min Han

XML schema clustering with semantic and hierarchical similarity measures Pages 336-349
Richi Nayak and Wina Iryadi

Visual modeling and formal specification of constraints of RBAC using semantic web technology Pages 350-356
JuHum Kwon and Chang-Joo Moon

A dynamic logistics process knowledge-based system – An RFID multi-agent approach Pages 357-372
Harry K.H. Chow, K.L. Choy and W.B. Lee

Exploiting semantic annotation to supporting user browsing on the web Pages 373-381
Jason J. Jung

Philosophical grounding and computational formalization for practice based engineering knowledge Pages 382-387
W.P.S. Dias

A retraining methodology for enhancing agent intelligence Pages 388-396
Andreas L. Symeonidis, Ioannis N. Athanasiadis and Pericles A. Mitkas

A cognitive approach for agent-based personalized recommendation Pages 397-405
Chunyan Miao, Qiang Yang, Haijing Fang and Angela Goh

A multi-agent approach for planning activities in decentralized electricity markets Pages 406-418
E. Gnansounou, S. Pierre, A. Quintero, J. Dong and A. Lahlou

A Hellinger-based discretization method for numeric attributes in classification learning Pages 419-425
Chang-Hwan Lee

A hybrid system for multiobjective problems – A case study in NP-hard problems Pages 426-436
M.R. Gholamian, S.M.T. Fatemi Ghomi and M. Ghazanfari

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