Management Research News, 30 (4), 2007 – interesting articles

[German title: Management Research News, 30 (4), 2007 – interessante Artikel]

Title: Senior managers’ business knowledge in a transition economy 
Author(s): Kassa Woldesenbet, John Storey, Graeme Salaman 
Pages: 252-270

Abstract: Purpose – To explore senior managers’ knowledge and thinking about strategy and organisational capabilities, and developments of both during a time of transition. …

Keywords: Business environment, Ethiopia, Knowledge management, Senior managers, Strategic management 

Article Type: Research paper 

Article URL:

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Title: Learning histories: spanning the great divide
Author(s): Robert Parent, Joanne M. Roch, Julie Béliveau 
Pages: 271-282

Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to suggest the use of a new action research methodology, the learning history, to study knowledge transfer initiatives. …

Keywords: Action research, Knowledge transfer, Learning, Learning methods, Qualitative research 

Article Type: Literature review 

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