Taxonomies to coordinate and communicate effectively – A step-by-step guide

[German title: Taxonomien für die effektive Koordination und Kommunikation – ein Leitfaden]

Lambe, P.: Organizing Knowledge: Taxonomies, knowledge and organization effectiveness. Oxford: Chandos Publishing, 2007. 277 p.; 1843342278 (pbk); 1843342286 (hkb) 

Abstract: Taxonomies are often thought to play a niche role within content-oriented knowledge management projects. They are thought to be ‘nice to have’ but not essential. In this groundbreaking book, Patrick Lambe shows how they play an integral role in helping organizations coordinate and communicate effectively. Through a series of case studies, he demonstrates the range of ways in which taxonomies can help organizations to leverage and articulate their knowledge. A step-by-step guide in the book to running a taxonomy project is full of practical advice for knowledge managers and business owners alike

This book is written primarily for knowledge managers and key stakeholders in knowledge management projects. However, it is also useful to all information professionals who wish to understand the role of taxonomies in a corporate setting. It may be used as a teaching text for postgraduate students in Information Studies, Library Science, and Knowledge Management, as well as at MBA level

Key features

  • Written in a clear, accessible style, demystifying the jargon surrounding taxonomies
  • Case studies give real world examples of taxonomies in use
  • Step-by-step guides take the reader through the key stages in a taxonomy project
  • Decision-making frameworks and example questionnaires
  • Clear description of how taxonomies relate to technology applications

Author: Patrick Lambe is a widely respected knowledge management consultant based in Singapore. His Master’s degree from University College London is in Information Studies and Librarianship, and he has worked as a professional librarian, as a trainer and instructional designer, and as a business manager in operational and strategic roles. He has been active in the field of knowledge management and e-learning since 1998, and in 2002 founded his own consulting and research firm, Straits Knowledge, with a partner. He is former President of the Information and Knowledge Society, and is Adjunct Professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Patrick speaks and writes internationally on knowledge management, and has conducted a number of taxonomy projects, usually as an integral part of larger knowledge management initiatives. He is the author of The Blind Tour Guide: Surviving and Prospering in the New Economy (Times, 2002). His knowledge management writings are posted at

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