Call for Papers: Knowledge Management for Development Journal, 3 (2), 2007

[German title: Aufruf für Artikel-Beiträge: Knowledge Management for Development Journal, 3 (2), 2007]

Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Management in Latin America and the Caribbean

Submission deadline for the title and abstract 15 June 2007

The ‘Knowledge Management for Development Journal’ (KM4D Journal) is an open access, peer-reviewed, community-based journal on knowledge management in development – for and by development practitioners and researchers. The journal is closely related to the KM4dev community of practice, and can be read and downloaded at:

Vol. 3, Issue 2, to be published in November 2007, will focus on knowledge sharing and management in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), providing a show-case for recent approaches, case studies, practices, tools, concepts and methodologies applied in development. We would like proposed articles to highlight how knowledge sharing and knowledge management have been introduced in specific regional contexts, as well as how concrete regional experiences have opened up new debates in the international arena of knowledge management and sharing.

The Guest Editor team for this issue comprises Margarita Salas, Kemly Camacho, Simone Staiger-Rivas and Camilo Villa, working in combination with co-Chief Editors, Lucie Lamoureux and Sarah Cummings.

Knowledge management has relevance worldwide to productive, organizational and social processes in development. Much discussion and action in this field has arisen in different parts of the world, often originating in Northern-based organizations and developed countries. However, there has not been a systematic discussion of how these approaches are being applied in development practices in Latin America and the Caribbean. Many different approaches have been tested, introduced, scaled-up and out, but have not necessarily been well documented.
There are specific knowledge management practices in existence in this region which have never been classified directly as such. For example, indigenous knowledge practices, the action-research approach, and Paulo Freire’s approach to popular education all have relevance to knowledge management, within and outside the region. We would particularly welcome papers describing and analyzing knowledge management initiatives which refer to these approaches.

This issue

The issue will have a regional focus on Latin America and the Caribbean; this does not exclude people and organizations from other latitudes as long as their submission is focused in LAC. We invite researchers, academics, and practitioners working in the context of development in Latin America and the Caribbean to propose papers covering topics such as:

  • Challenges and key success factors to integrate knowledge sharing and knowledge management (KS/KM) in development projects;
  • Good practices and case studies of KS/KM processes;
  • Theoretical/conceptual discussions about KS/KM;
  • Challenges and key success factors to integrate KS/KM in development projects;
  • Development of new KS/KM methodologies and techniques;
  • Documentation of local knowledge, and local knowledge sharing practices;
  • Needs and requirements that are regionally specific to carry out KS/KM processes;
  • Use of Dgroups; and
  • Development of KS/KM with groups that have been historically subject to discrimination (women, youth, indigenous, people with disabilities, etc).

As this is an English language journal, we would, if possible, like potential authors to submit proposals in English. Submissions in Spanish, Portuguese and French are possible but will not make up more than one third of the accepted contributions.
Potential authors can submit proposals to prepare full articles, case studies, stories and community notes.

Proposed deadlines
Submission deadline for the title and abstract 15 June 2007
Acceptance/rejection of paper proposal 5 July 2007
Submission of paper 5 September 2007
Peer-review completed 5 October 2007
Author revision completed and final version of paper submitted 31 October 2007
(e)-publication date 15 November 2007

If you would like to submit a paper, or be actively involved in this initiative in any other ways, please send your abstract (minimum one paragraph – maximum one page) or your message by email to

Guidelines for authors are available on the journal website:

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