Chief Learning Officer Magazine, 5/2007


Learning Solutions
Improving Productivity Through Coaching and Mentoring
Nancy Thomas and Scott Saslow
Although coaching and mentoring seem similar on the surface, the two techniques — and their applications — can have substantially different effects in the workplace.

Inside the Latest Measurement Techniques
Corinne Miller
When applying metrics to learning, Motorola University has used a simple but purposeful approach called “goal, question, metric” (GQM). Through this approach, learning and development professionals ask three questions: What are your goals? What questions address whether the goals are being met? What metrics answer the question?

Technologies to Support Leadership Development
Kerry Patterson
The tendency to “tech up” presentations and training, often without considering if we should, has proliferated learning and development. We need to evaluate how to match technologies to the content rather than designing a program that cannibalizes content with the latest, flashiest and most entertaining technologies.

Human Capital
The CLO Role Conversation
Fred Harburg
At the Spring 2007 CLO Symposium in Huntington Beach, Calif., 70 senior learning executives took part in an intensive work session to produce their best thinking about the future of the CLO role. Through the discussions and post-event online contributors, we’ve put together a synopsis of the group’s findings.

Managing Succession Plans and Career Paths
Shelly Heiden
Effective managers always anticipate the need for successors, and they are prepared. Because organizations cannot assume the mere existence of a talent pool guarantees the succession neatly will fit into place, effective succession management requires careful planning, mentoring and grooming.


CLO Profile
OppenheimerFunds’ Patricia Lovett: Earning a Seat at the Table
Tegan Jones
At OppenheimerFunds Inc., Patricia M. Lovett, senior vice president of learning and development, uses her operational experience to help keep employees engaged. Her expertise has helped her team build partnerships within the business and earn a seat at the table.

Case Study
DHL Express Sales Asia-Pacific: Delivering Training Worldwide
Ben Warden
With employees spread out over 41 countries and speaking five languages, delivering effective training within DHL Express Sales Asia-Pacific is no easy feat. It’s up to the training and development department to bring continuity to DHL’s overall learning philosophy while reaching across continents and cultures.

Business Intelligence
Analysis Paralysis: The Stagnant State of Measurement
Peter McStravick
Today’s CLOs find themselves in a measurement Catch-22: To successfully demonstrate the impact learning has on business results requires a willingness from management to grant access to key performance and result metrics, but management is often reluctant to provide this access when it doesn’t recognize training’s strategic value in the first place.


Take Five
Five Ways to Use Social Networking for Learning
Brandon Hall

Selling Up, Selling Down
Should We Get Out Of the Training Business?
Bob Mosher

CLO Career Advice: Join a Board
Elliott Masie

Prisoners in the Classroom: Revisiting the Rules of Engagement
Fred Harburg

In Conclusion
Communities of Practice 2.0
Jeanne C. Meister


Editor’s Letter
Tough Choice


Lennox International Inc. Finds Value in Mentoring

Destination Hotels:
Leveraging Technology for Effective Succession Planning

Domino’s Pizza:
Supporting Leadership Development in 30 Minutes or Less

University Health Systems:
Measures of Success

CLO Results and Related Responsibilities

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