Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, 14 (3), 2007 – interesting articles

[German title: Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, 14 (3), 2007 – interessante Artikel]

Measuring achievement of learning organizations in construction  
P.S. Chinowsky, K. Molenaar, A. Bastias (pp. 215-227) 

Findings – The paper provides an overview of the LEONARDO diagnostic tool including the mathematical weighting system employed for scoring organization progress and investment, the web-based availability, and the evaluation report card provided to users. The paper also provides a summary of the validation process including how organizations used the tool to determine internal learning progress.

Keywords: Construction industry, Decision support systems, Knowledge management, Learning organizations 

ArticleType: Research paper

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Empirical study of interactions between knowledge management activities  
Le Chen, Sherif Mohamed (pp. 242-260) 

Findings – Knowledge acquisition and utilisation play paramount roles in the development of the organisational knowledge asset. The higher the intensity of these two activities, the larger the organisational knowledge pool which, in turn, demands greater knowledge dissemination capacity. This dissemination capacity enables more active and intense responses to market changes and clients’ needs, thus facilitating and stimulating acquisition and utilisation of new tacit knowledge, thus improving organisational business performance.

Keywords: Hong Kong, Knowledge management, Tacit knowledge 

ArticleType: Research paper 

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