How to turn knowledge into valuable products, services, and processes

[German title: Wie man Wissen in wertvolle Produkte, Dienstleistungen und Prozesse umwandelt]

Harvard Business School Press (Ed.): Managing Knowledge to Fuel Growth. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press (The Results-Driven Manager Series), 2007. 176 p.; ISBN-10: 1422114686 (pbk), ISBN-13: 978-1422114681 (pbk)

Abstract: The Results-Driven Manager series collects timely articles from “Harvard Management Update” and “Harvard Management Communication Letter” to help senior to middle managers sharpen their skills, increase their effectiveness, and gain a competitive edge. Presented in a concise, accessible format to save managers valuable time, these books offer authoritative insights and techniques for improving job performance and achieving immediate results.
A company’s knowledge takes numerous forms, from the learning that individual employees acquire through their daily functions, to the corporate workforce capabilities that produce a competitive advantage. “Managing Knowledge to Fuel Growth” shows managers how to turn knowledge into valuable products, services, and processes–and generate impressive results on the bottom line.

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