International Journal of Knowledge Management, 3 (2), 2007

Assessing Knowledge Management: Refining and Cross Validating the Knowledge Management Index Using Structural Equation Modeling Techniques  pp. 1-30
Authors: Asoh, D.; Belardo, S.; Crnkovic, J.

An Evaluation of Factors that Influence the Success of Knowledge Management Practices in U.S. Federal Agencies  31 – 46
Authors: Rhoads, E.; O’Sullivan, K.; Stankosky, M.

Interdepartmental Knowledge Transfer Success During Information Technology Projects  47 – 67
Authors: Laframboise, K.; Croteau, A.; Beaudry, A.; Manovas, M.

Improving KMS Acceptance: The Role Of Organizational And Individuals’ Influence   68 – 90
Authors: Vitari, C.; Moro, J.; Ravarini, A.; Bourdon, I.

Towards an Integrated Model of Knowledge Sharing in Software Development: Insights from a Case Study  91 – 117
Authors: Kautz, K.; Kjærgaard, A.

Technology Trends in Knowledge Management tools  118 – 131
Authors: Balmisse, G.; Meingan, D. Passerini, K.

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