International Journal of Nuclear Knowledge Management, 2 (3), 2007

Nuclear power plant on-line sensor calibration monitoring implementation issues  pp. 204 – 223 
Jamie Garvey, Dustin Garvey, Rebecca Seibert, et al. 
Diagnosing faults in nuclear components by an ensemble of feature-diverse fuzzy classifiers  pp. 224 – 238 
Enrico Zio, Piero Baraldi, Giulio Gola, et al. 
Intelligent normalisation for transient classification  pp. 239 – 248 
Davide Roverso 
Fuzzy-logic-based identification of transients in the feed-water system of a nuclear power plant  pp. 249 – 267 
Enrico Zio and Irina Crenguta Popescu 
User interface for intelligent control schemes in a TRIGA Mark III reactor  pp. 268 – 284 
Jorge S. Benitez-Read, Tonatiuh Rivero-Gutierrez, Da Ruan, et al. 
Identification of a VVER horizontal steam generator using recurrent neural networks  pp. 285 – 298 
Samaneh S. Sajjadi, Mehrdad Boroushaki, Jalil Jafari, et al. 
A neural-network-based variance decomposition sensitivity analysis  pp. 299 – 312 
Francesco Cadini, Enrico Zio, Francesco Di Maio, et al. 
Particle swarm optimisation applied to nuclear engineering problems  pp. 313 – 332 
C.M.N.A. Pereira, R. Schirru, C.M.F. Lapa, et al. 
Robust reliability design of a nuclear system by multiple objective evolutionary optimisation  pp. 333 – 345 
Daniel E. Salazar, Claudio M. Rocco, Enrico Zio 

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