International Journal of Technology Management, 39 (1/2), 2007 (Special: Technology Innovation and Knowledge Management for High Technology Industry)

[German title: International Journal of Technology Management, 39 (1/2), 2007 (Spezialausgabe: Technologieinnovationen und Wissensmanagement für die Hochtechnologie-Industie]

Special Issue on Technology Innovation and Knowledge Management for High Technology Industry, Guest Editor: Prof. Iuan-Yuan Lu


3 – 19 Technology innovation and knowledge management in the high-tech industry
Iuan-Yuan Lu, Chun-Hsien Wang, Chih-Jen Mao

20 – 32 The ‘perfect technology syndrome’: sources, consequences and solutions
Seppo Hanninen

33 – 48 The changing autarky pharmaceutical R&D process: causes and consequences of growing R&D collaboration in Japanese firms
Kazuyuki Motohashi

49 – 71 The commercialisation environment of advanced materials ventures
Elicia Maine, Elizabeth Garnsey

72 – 85 Real options for innovation management
Tobias Fredberg

86 – 104 Examining governance-innovation relationship in the high-tech industries: monitoring, incentive and a fit with strategic posture
Hsueh-Liang Wu, Bou-Wen Lin, Chung-Jen Chen

105 – 130 Managing product and customer knowledge in innovative new product development
Chao-Ton Su, Yung-Hsin Chen, David Yung-Jye Sha

131 – 157 Making innovative use of academic knowledge to enhance corporate technology innovation impact
Sigvald Harryson, Sandra Kliknaite, Rafal Dudkowski

158 – 176 Performance measurement systems for knowledge management in high technology industries: a balanced scorecard framework
Chia-Ling Lee, Sun-Quae Lai

177 – 197 Maintenance of persistent creativity and innovation in university laboratories
Chun-Ling Tai, Jen-Fang Lee

198 – 218 Application of the knowledge management in the knowledge-intensive service business: the case studies at ITIS and ITRI in Taiwan
Chien-Pin Wang, Benjamin J.C. Yuan

219 – 234 Transforming a semiconductor company into a learning organisation: a bottom-up approach of knowledge management implementation
Ying-Jung Yvonne Yeh, Lung-Hung Chou

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