Organization, 14 (3), 2007 (Special: Passion for Knowing and Learning)

[German title: Organization, 14 (3), 2007 (Spezialausgabe: Leidenschaft um zu wissen und zu lernen)]

Special Issue – The Passion for Knowing and Learning;
Guest Editors: Silvia Gherardi, Davide Nicolini and Antonio Strati

Silvia Gherardi, Davide Nicolini, and Antonio Strati
The Passion for Knowing  315-329.

Pasquale Gagliardi
The Collective Repression of `Pathos’ in Organization Studies  331-338.  

Carla Locatelli
Women’s Ways of Knowing: It is All About Love!  339-350.

Stephen Linstead and Joanna Brewis
Passion, Knowledge and Motivation: Ontologies of Desire  351-371.

Kathy S. Mack
Senses of Seascapes: Aesthetics and the Passion for Knowledge  373-390.

Stephan Kaiser, Gordon Müller-Seitz, Miguel Pereira Lopes, and Miguel Pina e Cunha
Weblog-Technology as a Trigger to Elicit Passion for Knowledge  391-412.

Paolo Landri
The Pragmatics of Passion: A Sociology of Attachment to Mathematics  413-435.  

Pascal Dey and Chris Steyaert
The Troubadours of Knowledge: Passion and Invention in Management Education  437-461.

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