The integration of the intellectual capital with business processes

[German title: Die Integration des intellektuellen Kapitals in die geschäftsprozesse]

Taylor, L.: Knowledge, Information and the Business Process. Revolutionary thinking or common sense?. Oxford: Chandos Publishing, 2007. 150 p.; ISBN (paperback): 1843341042, ISBN (hardback): 1843341050

The key focus of this book is to integrate elements of information and knowledge management, together with the business process and intellectual capital. The book questions some of the fundamental concepts and principles currently used to manage information that revolve around business processes. Specifically, it addresses the argument to more effectively evaluate the contributions of human and systems capital (which are defined) to a process, highlighting the need to make more conscious decisions about what role each will perform in the developed process

The book is primarily aimed at those individuals in a service provision environment, who are responsible for change and/or effective business processes

Key features

  • Covers the integration of the intellectual capital with business processes
  • Provides practical guidance on analysis of the complete business process (including products and customers) from a human and systems capital perspective
  • Provides practical frameworks that enable readers to implement the suggested strategies regarding the development of intellectual capital round business processes, which are explained throughout the book

Liz Taylor has worked in the knowledge and information management field for the past eight years.

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