The social capital dimensions of knowledge management

[German title: Die Sozialkapitaldimensionen des Wissensmanagements]

Widen-Wulff, G.: Challenges of Knowledge Sharing in Practice. A social approach. Oxford: Chandos Publishing, 2007. ca. 200 p.; ISBN (paperback): 1843342847, ISBN (hardback): 1843342855

This book looks at the key skills that are required in organizations in the information intensive society; it also examines the power of information behaviour on the construction of different kinds of shared knowledge and social identity in a group. The book introduces the different dimensions of social capital that is structural and cognitive, and looks at the relational aspects of information behaviour in organizations. This book analyses experiences with two different case studies – in the financial and biotechnology industries – in order to gain additional insights in how the internal organization environment should be designed to support the development of the organization’s intellectual capital.

The book is aimed at academics and students at all levels in library and information science, as well as information management and knowledge management practitioners and managers interested in managing information and knowledge effectively

Key features

  • Introduces social capital dimensions to the knowledge management framework
  • Provides empirical work on the new combination of social capital and organizational information behaviour. Two different information sharing practices are presented: a claims handling unit (routine based work) and a biotechnology firm (expert work)
  • Develops social capital measures into qualitative information research
  • The book illustrates the importance of social aspects in managing information and knowledge effectively

Autor: Gunilla Widen-­Wulff is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Information Studies, Åbo Akademi University, Finland. She has worked as a visiting researcher at Napier University, Edinburgh, 2004-05. Her teaching and research concerns information seeking, information management in business organizations, and aspects of social capital and knowledge sharing in groups and organizations. She has published several articles and papers in these areas

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