Aslib Proceedings, 59 (3), 2007 – interesting articles

[German title: Aslib Proceedings, 59 (3), 2007 – interessante Artikel]

The development of a knowledge sharing construct to predict turnover intentions  
Everd Jacobs, Gert Roodt (pp. 229-248) 

Purpose – The objective of this paper is to discuss the development of a knowledge sharing questionnaire and the role of knowledge sharing in predicting turnover intentions of registered professional nurses.

Keywords: Employee turnover, Factor analysis, Knowledge sharing, Nurses, Questionnaires, South Africa 

ArticleType:Research paper 

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A theoretical exploration of information behaviour: a power perspective  
Athulang Mutshewa (pp. 249-263) 

Purpose – The purpose of this article is to explore and propose a way of using power as a theoretical anchor to investigate the information behaviour of people in work roles.

Keywords: Behaviour, Information control, Knowledge management 

ArticleType:Conceptual paper

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Knowledge management in a multicultural environment: a South African perspective  
Nadene King, Neels Kruger, Jaco Pretorius (pp. 285-299) 

Purpose – Numerous authors contend that there are dissimilarities in the way people, especially those from different cultural backgrounds, interpret or accept knowledge sharing. Ribiere and Sitar argue that, as a result of their educational systems, western cultures do not encourage a social exemplar of knowledge sharing. Yeh and Ma concur, arguing that western cultures are more likely to embrace values of self-determination, independence and the attainment of personal interest. In contrast, Yang argues that Asian cultures nurture a sharing and teamwork environment or approach to activities. Very little is mentioned in literature about knowledge sharing in African cultures and/or African organisations. Specifically, not much is known regarding knowledge sharing in settings where the roles of dominance of one culture over another are reversed or neutralised, either by force or law, or by natural progression. The purpose of this paper is to address this issue.

Keywords: Equal opportunities, Knowledge management, Knowledge sharing, Organizational culture, South Africa 

ArticleType:Research paper 

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